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And We're Back!

It's that time again...the calm before the storm so to speak.  Back to school displays are up and the sales fliers are in the mailbox...ugh.  I'm not really excited this year.  I usually love to stock up for things for my classroom, but this year, I'm not feeling it. I don't know if it is because my co-teacher left to try reading instead of language arts with me, or because it means I'll have to start a new co-teaching relationship.  Maybe it's a little lot of both. I totally understand the need for change.  We grade a lot...all the time.  I can't fault her for that...we just had a great partnership that is going to be hard to reestablish again. But it will be done because I can do that or have a long year... and I don't want that!

My kids are at grandma's house for the week, so it is a good time for me to get things done around here before the craziness starts in again.  Two kids in middle school and one more year of elem for the littlest. Time is…