A Little Time Off...

So you may have noticed that I have taken a few days away from this little blog.  Life in April has been a little crazy around the homestead here.  End of the year activities are definitely kicking in full gear.  Band contests, choir concerts, meeting, meeting, meetings...and then there is MAP testing too. We will soon be getting ready for state testing at school. Two weeks of testing might just do me in!  I'm hoping it goes by quickly and with as few headaches as possible!

On a positive note, my son will be competing in a state math contest this weekend...I'm excited for him.  He is very excited to show what he can do!  It will be good to have a little family vaca away from town, if only for one night!

Hope your month has been going well.  I'm just hoping to see spring come sometime soon...so tired of the cold!

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