SOL 3/4 Boys Need Their Mamas

  4 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers
I home with a sick boy today.  Is there anything  than more heartbreaking for a parent than watching your child feel crummy?  His poor eyes are glazed over, and he just wants to sit and cuddle with me, which is really saying something because he is 11!  I always feel so helpless when they are sick.

When my three kids were younger, I think it was easier to care for them when they didn't feel well.  I could give them medicine and cuddle with them,  Rocking them to sleep often worked wonders.  Now that my kids are all teens/preteens, they refuse to take medicine (unless it is their idea) and are too big to cuddle with and rock to sleep.  I feel that I can't really do anything to help them feel better, and they really are making their own choices about what they need.  I hate to watch them suffer when they could do something about it, but I am no longer in control...maybe that is why I feel so miserable when they are sick.  Control is out of my hands now.   It is hard to give up that control element I guess.  I should get used to it...soon they will be out of the house and on their  That is more scary than thinking about sick kids!

Today, I am relishing the fact that my son needs me and wants to cuddle.  Today I will do everything I can to make sure he feels better.  Soon he won't need his mama anymore.  But today, he does, and I'm okay with that.

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