SOL 3/21 The Struggle

 21 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers

I see you struggle
Day in and day out.
Life has pushed you around
Beaten you up
Taken your lunch money.
Life is a bully,
Adding punch after punch
To your gut.
My heart breaks
As I watch you in the hall,
Clothes unwashed,
Worn for the fifth day in a row.
The Beats you carry
around your neck,
Bought by public generosity,
Are a symbol of resilience,
That money isn't an issue.
School is your safe place.
Your spot to get away
From the chaos of your life.
In and out of shelters,
School of a constant.
Lately that constant
Is on shaky ground.
That constant is tired.
That constant has put up
With disrespect, and abuse
Of its own.
That constant is rebelling too.
"Find a place for this one.
We've had enough."
I know in a heartbeat
As soon as I see you walk in
What kind of day I'll have.
Calm water or stormy weather
Brewing as you sit down.
A day of compromise, work, growth,
Or a day of struggle, fighting, regression.
The calls and looks, the statements
That start with "Your friend..."
Every morning the same triage.
Make a choice friend; you do have one.
Make a choice to end this cycle.
Make a choice to accept
What others offer.
Make a choice to accept that
Sometimes you aren't in control, but that is okay too.
Not every person will abandon you.
Not every person will kick you when you are down.
We care.
I care.
Stop fighting.
Oh how I wish you would.
Wish you could see what we want for you.
See that we agonize with your struggle.
Let us help.

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