SOL 3/5 Food, Glorious Food!

5 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers
I have a confession.  I am in love with food.  Anything. Everything.  There is very little that I don't like.  Well, that's not true.  Liver and onions...I hate liver and onions.  It is the one food that my kids have never had, and never will.  Anyway...  Food Network is the station you will most likely find on my television, and I love to visit food blogs (The Pioneer Woman is a favorite!) and recipes on Pinterest to get new ideas for things to make.  I think I have even started working out because I love food so much.  I might weigh a lot more if it weren't for the exercise!

Last night I made a really great turkey and dumpling soup.  It was just a dump and cook kind of experiment, so I couldn't really write down the exact recipe if I wanted to.  It was frozen mixed veggies, roasted turkey that I cooked on Sunday, Herbs de Provence, poultry seasoning, chicken broth, garlic, onions, and Reames dumplings.  That's it...nothing special, but boy did it sure taste great!  So great, in fact, that my hubby came in to tell me that I needed to share the recipe "on your blog there."  So in honor of my husband, I shared my recipe with you all. Aren't you glad you stopped by? :)

What about you?  Anyone else have a love of food as well?  Where do you look for your recipes? 

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