SOL 3/26 The End is in Sight!

I can't believe it is almost here...spring break!  I have waited for spring break for weeks now.  With our wonderful weather lately, spring break is a welcome thing.  I really was jealous of all of the other school districts in my area who had a week off last week.  Why were we in school and everyone else is all off having fun?

Our district never really has a break, but we always get Good Friday and the following Monday off.  I have really longed to have a little break...just time to regroup and refocus on the end of the school year. The spring seems to drag out, and it could be because the weather has been a little unpredictable.  One day it is beautiful; the next it is down right miserable.

We have two days left after today...two days to suffer  to make it through before we can hit the highway in search of family and fun. Oh course, the 16 hour drive both ways won't be the highlight of the weekend, but we will soldier on!  Road trips are fun, right? We will be charging the phones and double checking the headphone situation for sure before we leave!

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