Happy Birthday Benny!

My baby brother Ben turns 35 today.  He shares his birthday with Dr. Suess, which I've always thought was appropriate, since Ben is the epitome of Oh! The Places You'll Go.  He has always had a very adventurous personality, and has never been afraid to try new things. 

My brother and I haven't always gotten along. My mom says it is because we are so much alike...I'm not so sure about that  Our interests have never overlapped that much.  As kids, we spent so much time fighting...about nothing really.  He always had a better relationship with my sister, the middle child and peacemaker.  Now that I'm a mom and have three kids of my own, I see my own kids fighting with each other about nothing too, and have to wonder if they will end up like my brother and I.  He lives in Wyoming and I'm in Missouri, so we don't get to see much of each other at all.  I wish that we were closer in distance, so that we could participate in activities together.  I hope that my own kids are close when they grow up, because having family close by is truly a blessing. We live so far from all of our family, and I really wish that could be different.  I miss my family!

We will be traveling to Wyoming for Easter this year for my nephew's baptism, and I'm really excited to get to see everyone there.  As I've gotten older, I appreciate my brother and sister more.  He has grown into a very kind man and is a wonderful father to his three kids.  I wish him all the best in life and hope that he has a very happy birthday!

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