SOL 3/14 My Baby is Growing Up

  14 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers
Today my oldest leaves to go to the state Stuco convention.   This is the first time she has ever left for more than one night and is traveling hundreds of miles away from home...well, without it being at her grandparent's house.  She will be staying with someone that I have never met, and even though I know that she will be well cared for, I can't help but worry.  Will she remember to use her manners?  Will she be safe and respectful? All of these nagging feelings come up.  I know I have taught her well, and have seen the way she behaves at school, so I shouldn't worry so much.  She will be in good hands with her advisor, and is going with a great group of students.  So why does a small part of me dread her leaving this morning?  I know she would say, "Mom, chill out.  I'm going to be fine."  Logically I know that.  My heart just wants the best for her though, and I think that is where I am torn.  I won't be there to take care of her if something happens, and I have to trust that she can handle whatever life throws her way.  That trust is a big step for this momma, though.  A big step indeed.

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