SOL 3/28 Is It Cheating?

On Monday, my students and I had a discussion about slicing.  I offered my students the chance to slice this month, and am very pleased that a few took me up on it (offering prizes must have helped!)  I had a couple turn in their slices because they had finished 31 entries and felt they were done.  I myself have scheduled slices to go out a few days ahead when I felt inspiration hit and could write more than one entry in a day.  But is that cheating?  That was the question.

I don't think it is cheating to write and schedule ahead.  For me, I feel much more at ease to write my posts and know that they are done for the day.  I can log in and link up my slice before school, and then I know that I can go about my day without worrying about getting it done.  I also have started a post, and then felt I needed to step away for a day or two.  Sometimes having that little break brings clarity. I can refocus what I was trying to say.  Sometimes I have several ideas swirling around in my head, and just need to get them down somewhere.  I have a paper journal, but I haven't used it as much as I planned to do.  I can't even really state why either.  It is definitely more portable than this laptop!  Blogging from my phone and tablet is mighty convenient though, and I love having the option to do that!

Are you a planner?  Do you schedule posts to go out ahead of time?  Or are you like my students and feel that each day should have its own entry and time spent on it alone?  I think that either way is fine, as long as the writing gets done!

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