SOL 3/19 Searching

  19 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers
I would like to think of myself as an organized person.  I try.  I truly try to be organized.  I've purchased file folders for paper, boxes to hold my children's memories, hangers for clothes and pictures.  I try at school to keep my 7th and 8th grade papers separate and orderly.  I attempt to sort and stack and file when time allows.  In reality, no matter how hard I try to clean, my house is a mess, and I am constantly moving from basket to basket, pile to pile to find what I need daily.  Even when I try to put things aside because I know I will need them later, such as a fun Friday schedule for our flex-schedule half-day at school last week, I end up frantically searching again because I forgot I tacked it to the bulletin board for safe keeping.  Why do I do this?  Why do I frustrate myself by thinking I'm organized, when in reality all I create is organized chaos?  Does anyone else do this?

I've tried various systems, like Flylady, and others that promise to help clean up lives.  Unfortunately for those to work, others have to buy into the promise as well.  When I was at home all the time with my kids, time was on my side and I felt that I was finally out from under the mountain of clutter. Toys were sorted, laundry and dishes were always done.  Today, life is constantly moving, and finding time to stop and declutter seems daunting.  Maybe a restart is necessary.  Maybe a few minutes at a time scheduled just for this purpose will help.  Today I will start and make an effort to end this cycle of clutter and searching.  I'm tired of the searching, when what I need is usually right where I put it, tucked away in a safe spot.  Maybe a new memory is really what is in order...I wonder if I can get one on Amazon? Off to find something important again...

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