SOL 3/25 On the go!

Today has been the sort of day when I go from sun up to sun down. We were at school bright and early, then felt as if I rushed around all day. We created flip books for parts of speech notes, so I rushed from table to table to answer questions. Most did well, but some of my friends just can't follow directions!

After school I tutored, and then came home to fulfill mom duties. We are leaving for my brother's house in three days, and needed to find Easter clothes for the kids. Noah was able to search his closet for clothes he liked and fit (hallelujah!) The girls however needed something new. Every dress they own is two short or not church appropriate. So of we went. We also took care of haircuts so that was taken care of too. Luckily, the girls were successful. Me not so much, but I am sure I can dig something out of the closet that will work just fine.  I took so long running around that I missed my monthly bunco night with the girls, but that's ok. There is always next month!

We will be celebrating my nephew's baptism on Saturday, and my husband and I will be the Godparents, so I need to find a special gift to bring for him. I started to crochet a baby blanket months ago, but haven't made much progress.  That may have to ride along on our incredibly long drive to Wyoming!

Time to relax and unwind with a long bath, and a good book...maybe I'll indulge in a glass of wine too.  Tomorrow will be here soon and I'll start all over again. Enjoy what is left of your night!

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