SOL 3/24 Six Weeks Early?

24 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers
The groundhog is a lying little rat.  Spring is six weeks early?  Yeah right.  We are in the middle of another winter storm dumping inches of snow, and unfortunately spring arrived last Wednesday.  Everyone is so tired of the snow right now--except for my kids at school who eagerly look out the window anytime a single flake flies and ask "Are we getting out early?"  I grew up in Iowa, so I am use to a little snow.  But I am really tired of winter right now.  The snow, the cold, the mud that comes afterward, staying indoors instead of going for walks. I'm tired of all of it.

I think what makes this snow more irritating is that Mother Nature has been taunting us.  She offers 65, 70, even a 80 degree day, and then BAM! She hits below the belt, laughing as the weathermen go into crisis mode again. (I don't know if every city is this way, but the weather anchors go crazy at the slightest flake.  Really, some weather needs attention like that, but do we need 14 live crews at every bridge and overpass telling us to be careful, it's slick?)  I want consistent temperatures that will allow for plans beyond the next day or two.  I'd like to get back to sending my kids outside to play and burn off some energy.

I'm going to stop thinking about the snow.  I'm looking ahead to warmer days and the beautiful green that comes with spring and new growth.  I look forward to spring flowers and planting my garden with healthy veggies for summer meals. Come on Mother Nature, play nice!



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