SOL 3/1 Slicing Through Life...or March

  1 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers
Today starts the Slice of Life challenge.  I introduced my students to the classroom Slice of Life challenge as well, and I was really happy to see how many of the kids were excited to try this.  I think that they were more willing to try this when they found out that I am doing the adult challenge along with them.  I had planned to have my students add their posts to a classroom blog, but unfortunately it is blocked on our school servers, so I had to come up with plan B.  Luckily, I think plan B will work out better for the majority of the class anyway.  I asked my students to just write for 10 minutes...about anything.  I found that many of the students were more willing to do this if they could use a journal instead of blogging online...but I understand why.  Sometimes just the act of physically writing something and having the option to draw and embellish is freeing.  For my more artist students, I even said they could draw comics and cartoons. .  As long as they are practicing writing, I believe they will benefit from this challenge.  One student wrote about the lunch choice he chose for the is interesting to see what makes 7th and 8th graders happy!

I look forward to reaching the 31 day challenge.  I think I will be a better writer, and my students will all grow as a result as well!

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