SOL 3/2 Happy Saturday!

  2 of 31 for the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers
Saturday is here! A day usually spent running around, completing all of those errands that don't get completed during the week. It is also the day that I bring in the school bag, park it by my chair/ bed and then find as much busy work as I can to avoid actually grading anything in said bag. Does anyone else do this? As a language arts teacher, I often have so many papers to read, but no desire to do so. I'll wish I had on Sunday, but Saturdays aren't for school work!

I did make it to the gym this morning and walk/ran a 5K! I have never been a big exercise person, so actually having the desire to be at  the gym before 9am is huge for me! I always feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a workout. Hopefully that sense of accomplishment will carry through to all of the other Saturday chores that I need to accomplish today!

Well, I'm off... running errands and fighting crowds....enjoy your Saturday!

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