SOL 3/29 Kindness of Their Hearts

This week our school has been participating in Pennies for Patients for the Leukemia Society.  Every day, our counselor has come around to collect the money that my TA group added to our box.  The top prize was a catered Olive Garden lunch, which was quite an incentive for my group! Second place would earn cookies, and third place could win bubble gum.

Every day, I was please that my group added to our fund.  After hearing from several of my co-workers, I was happy to see anything was given. The first day we had a small amount- $1.86.  The second day, they added a little over $6.  Day 3, the competitive bug hit and they brought in almost $40 in just one day.  I was very proud of my group, and they moved us into third place of all the TA groups.  Some groups still had empty boxes after day 3!  Yesterday was our last day to collect money.  As my group began to collect money to count on the table, I was amazed to see what they had accomplished.  They were so determined to win that lunch that they collected $143 in one day. The pride I felt about my group can't be described in words really.  They accomplished a great deal for an important charity- almost $190 in four days! We have students who have been affected by leukemia, so the fact that they could raise money to help them is so heartwarming. Out of the kindness of their hearts, and a little competitive streak, my students showed their true colors. I couldn't be more proud of my sweet group of TA kids! They may have come in second, but they were first place in my book!

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