It's That Time Again...

It is the time of year that all parents look forward is back to school time.  As a teacher, I get both excited and a little depressed when this time rolls around.  For 35 years, I've had a first day of school to get ready for, either as a student or as a teacher.  It is always exciting to shop for school supplies and have new things.  For me, it is a symbol of a fresh start I guess. My kids love school shopping too...I guess my love of office supplies have rubbed off on them. :)  Unfortunately, as they get older the list seems to get longer and much more expensive.

I'll be getting a new classroom ready this year. I'm moving back into sixth grade after a few years in seventh and eighth grades.  I think I will miss the older kids, but I am so excited to work with the sixth graders again. I started teaching in sixth grade and I truly loved the kids.  They are still innocent, and I love watching the maturing process happen over the course of the year.  This year also is a change in how we are teaching reading and language arts.  Instead of two separate classes, we will be blocking time so that we can focus on both subjects together.  I'm really looking forward to the challenge and finding new ways to make reading and language fun and relevant for the kids.  I have great partners in my department, so I am looking forward to what will come!

It seems like we just left after summer school, so getting back into school seems very rushed.  I know once everyone is back and in the swing of things, I will enjoy the year ahead.

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