Yeah! Summer...oh wait.

Yeah! School officially was finished yesterday.  This has been such an exhausting week.  We have 1 1/2 days with kids, then I had CPR training Wednesday afternoon after setting up our staff BBQ to celebrate another school year.  Thursday was supposed to be our last teacher work day, but I spent it listening to Dr. Rick McGuire from the University of Missouri speak about Positive Coaching.  His message was great, but I think the 8 hour PD session could have been accomplished in 2, so the repetitiveness just dragged on and on.  Today I started my work for summer school.  Today was all about unpacking boxes and planning lessons.  I feel like I have a good start any way.  23 days of summer school will go by quickly right?  I will miss having the extra days to work around the house, but the extra money will hopefully make up for it!

So summer for me will really start in July.  School work will start back up for PD days and curriculum writing then too.  I guess teachers really don't have a lot of time of after all.

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