Back to the Old Routine

It's my last day of Christmas vacation, and I've been trying to squeeze every last minute of free time out.  I really need to start planning for the next week at school, but it has been so nice not having to grade or plan that I am just not in the mood.  I know it should be done, and I'll feel happier knowing that it is ready to go, but like a three year old my mind screams "I DON'T WANNA DO IT!"  Alas, I will have to break down and crack a book.  Routines are good and helpful.  I look forward to getting back to school and seeing the kids, but a small part of me has truly enjoyed being home and off schedule.  I miss being at home with my kids and taking care of my has been really nice to have a little bit of peace.  Tomorrow will bring more hustle and bustle as the kids' activities start back up and school resumes.  Oh well.  How many days until Spring Break?

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