A Month of Gratitude! #1

It is November 1st. Isn't this the best month to think about what we are grateful for?  In the spirit of Thanksgiving this month, I'm going to post what I'm grateful for each day.  So with that in mind...

Day 1:

Today I'm grateful for comp days following our yearly conferences.  This week we taught for three full days and then also had conferences from 3:30-7 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as all day from 7-4 pm on Thursday.  This makes for such a long week...especially leading up to Halloween when my middle schoolers are a little wired any way! I'm grateful that our administrators give us a day to recover and rest after many hours beyond our normal teaching duties.  It is so nice to sleep until 7:30, instead of getting up and leaving before sunrise! My body clock must be set though...I awoke at my normal 4:30 anyway, but going back to bed was a nice treat!  What are you thankful for today?

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