An Attitude of Gratitude #4

Tonight has been a very long, tedious night.  I am preparing to have a sub tomorrow, which I just dread each time.  I would much rather be in my classroom sick than to have to plan for a sub to be in my room.  It is just so much work to get things ready and then find a way to explain to a stranger what my kids and I have been working on.  It is just easier to be in the room and make decisions on the fly as needed.  To make matters worse, I will be gone two days, not just one.  I have a PD day with my language arts coworkers and then will finally get into the doctor for an appointment that has been rescheduled twice.  Tonight I worked after school until 8 o'clock trying to get caught up with grading and planning in order for someone to come.  I also needed to clean off my desk...what a job!

My gratitude in all of this is that I have a job.  I don't have to worry about the hunt and the rejection that many are experiencing daily.  I enjoy the people that I work team can always make me laugh when I am feeling down.  Sometimes it just takes a look and we know what each other is thinking...that is a rare thing.  I worked so hard to get back into teaching after being away for years with my kiddos, and then after working as an instructional assistant.  I was so discouraged for a while when it seemed that no jobs would be available.  I am blessed to work with middle school kids, even on those crazy days when they drive me nuts!  I am so happy to be working with the other teachers on my team. While I'm not sure about the future of education right now, I have to say that I'm grateful to be working where I am at this moment.

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