Do Teachers Really Need That Inservice Day?

My husband and I had a woman in our home today to conduct some home business...super exciting stuff! Anyway, as we signed papers we were chatting about nothing in particular. My son mentioned our recent snow days and how he hoped to go back Monday. He asked me if I wanted more snow days (because of the new storm watch for Monday and Tuesday and another 6-10in), and I said no because we are now into Memorial Day as it is...which means summer school plans and the like all get pushed back as well. This woman commented that schools really have too many days off anyway...and do teachers really need all those inservice days?

Clearly this woman had no idea she was sitting across from a teacher. Her comment really irritated me, and I was really at a loss for words. I think most teachers would say that we dont get too excited at the thought of 8 hours of sitting in meetings... just like any other profession. I'd agree that I'd like to sometimes see other options for inservice time such as more outside speakers, but I really appreciated being able to have time to collaborate with colleagues this time. I did walk away with new ideas from the last inservice that I'm excited to try, such as the Slice of Life challenge both personally and with my class.

I'm not sure most people know (or care) what happens during our inservice time. They may see it as just the day they have to find other daycare arrangements because school is closed....I am really not sure. I didn't question her about **her** training days (although the thought crossed my mind). Other companies provide training hubby has class days he has to attend often. Why shouldn't teachers be given training days too? Yes, it means you find a sitter for that day. Guess what? Teachers have to find sitters for our own kiddos too that day.

Inservice days mean that we are learning new ways to help teach your child best. We are studying and planning and growing ourselves so that we are doing the best job we can for all students. Instead of seeing the negative the next time inservice day roles around, be happy that this day of inconvenience means a better education for your child.

Just something I've been thinking about. Thanks for listening.

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