No More Snow Days!

Yeah for Friday!  After two more snow days this week on Tuesday and Wednesday , our time in school has been very messed up, to say the least!  It is always hard to get back into the groove after a break, and having two snow days last week and two more this week have not helped with getting back on track very much!  It seemed that everyone at school was a little surly and had completely forgotten everything I've taught.  How is that even possible??  I have to say that although my own kids were driving me a little crazy,  going back to my classroom was not appealing at all this morning when that alarm went off at 4:30am. Sleeping in was a really nice treat! I hope that the weather will decide to play nice and spring will move in soon.  The weatherman was saying that there could be more rain and snow next week, so I hope that the chance of snow lessens, or that they were just wrong!  I'm so over winter right now!

Tomorrow I start the Slice of Life challenge, and am going to write 31 blog posts in 31 days....I am a little nervous to try this but I think this will be just what I need!

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